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Murla is one of the eight villages located in Valle de Pop or Valle de Jalón. This small village, with barely more than 500 inhabitants is situated between the mountains of El Seguili and El Castellet. It is 20 km from the coast, the hospital and the Sella Golf Resort & Spa.

Despite being a small village it offers the following services: municipal pool, trinquete (the place where the sport “Pilota Valenciana” is played), sports centre, bars, pharmacy, bakery, town hall, library, multifunctional centre, state school (junior) and a medical centre.

Nowadays, almond and orange trees are its main crops. Many years ago the grape was its main crop; however it has almost completely disappeared. What really makes this village stand out is La Pilota Valenciana (local sport). José Vicente Riera Calatayud (from Murla), commonly known as the “Nel of Murla”, was considered the first genius of this sport as he invented a new way to play.


To know Murla better it is necessary to visit the buildings and places listed below:

Chapel of San Sebastián:  Built approximately in the 14th century at the Cavall Verd Mountain. It can be reached by car or by foot. In January there is a small pilgrimage held from the village to the chapel.

Chapel of la Sangre:  Located in the centre of the village. It was Murla’s hospital for many years. Inside you can visit la Divina Aurora (a Saint).

Pop Castle: nowadays it is the church of the village. Built during the first years of the Islam (11th century approximately) and restored 20 years ago after the bell tower fell.


Please see below phone numbers for places of interest in Murla:

Town Hall- 96 558 10 01
Health Center- 96 558 11 72
Health Center (Orba) emergencies- 96 558 30 11
Pharmacy- 96 558 12 00
Restaurant Nou Portet- 865 77 76 19
Bar Papa- 690 29 05 55
Gas Repsol Butano (Pego)- 96 557 07 15