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These are properties with superior design, quality and level of finishes, which we consider to be luxury properties.

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REF: 001204. Vergel, periphery

Business Premises in Vergel, periphery


REF: 001204

  • 0

  • |
  • 2

  • |
  • 273 m2

  • |
  • 3.324 m2

  • |

REF: 00991. Orba

Villa in Orba


REF: 00991

  • 3

  • |
  • 3

  • |
  • 381 m2

  • |
  • 17.241 m2

  • |

REF: 00163. lliber

Villa in lliber


REF: 00163

  • 9

  • |
  • 8

  • |
  • 1.041 m2

  • |
  • 9.718 m2

  • |

REF: 01500. Denia, Montgo

Villa in Denia, Montgo


REF: 01500

  • 5

  • |
  • 3

  • |
  • 257 m2

  • |
  • 5.605 m2

  • |
Luxury villas by Grupo Peretó

Peretó, Grupo Inmobiliario is operating on the Costa Blanca and has more than 20 years of experience in the construction sector.

During our professional career, we have always worked under two fundamental pillars: transparency in communication with clients and exclusivity in the projects we carry out. We believe that buying a house is not an easy decision and requires professional and personalized advice.

At Peretó, Grupo Inmobiliario we offer an exclusive catalogue of luxury villas in Denia, Orba and Jalón. In addition, if you wish, we also put our team of architects and designers at your disposal to build your home in detail.

Luxury villas: Comfort as the main benefit

At Peretó, Grupo Inmobiliario we know that buying a luxury home is one of the most important decisions you can make due to the difficulty of finding the one that most closely matches your tastes and needs.

These homes offer a large number of services, which can also generate greater indecision when choosing your ideal luxury villa.

For this reason, the team at Peretó, Grupo Inmobiliario has decided to list the main benefits that luxury villas present.

As we have said before, we are specialized in the sale of luxury villas in Denia, or other towns on the Costa Blanca such as Orba or Jalón, which, thanks to the characteristics of their surroundings, make the benefits they present more latent:

The comfort of these homes is one of the main characteristics. Its dimensions make it possible to create unique areas. In addition, the luxury villas have fully equipped rooms where you and your guests can enjoy the most exclusive details of your home.

In addition, they have outdoor spaces, such as terraces and gardens, thanks to which you can enjoy the characteristic Mediterranean climate of the Costa Blanca. The areas where we offer these homes are characterized by the great presence of sunny days throughout the year, making the pool and garden areas the most valued parts. These spaces are present in each of the offers for the sale of luxury villas in Jalón, along with other towns such as Denia and Orba, among others.

Conocemos la importancia de la relajación tras la cotidianidad del día a día, por esta razón, cada una de las instalaciones que envuelven estas viviendas están pensadas para que puedas disfrutar de tus momentos favoritos del día.

We know the importance of relaxation after everyday life, for this reason, each of the facilities that surround these homes are designed so that you can enjoy your favourite moments of the day.

Luxury villas are an ideal space to make up your home.

Competitive prices with Peretó

More than 20 years of experience support the activity of the Peretó Real Estate Group. We are specialized in the sale of real estate, including the sale of luxury villas in Denia and other locations.

Our fundamental pillar, as a company, is to offer the best possible quality in the life of our clients, achieving it, thanks to the characteristics of the environment, such as its climate, the beauty of the landscape and the cultural and gastronomic connotations that really make it possible to enjoy truly enriching experiences.

From the first moment, the Peretó, Real Estate Group team will be at your disposal in each of the steps of the process of buying or building your property.

Depending on your preferences and the wishes you want to fulfil, our specialist team will guide you in choosing the location. For example, the luxury villas in Orba that we offer in our catalogue are your ideal choice if you are looking to surround yourself with nature and tranquility.

In order to offer the best care and advice to our clients, our team establishes communication in the client’s native language.

At Peretó, Grupo Inmobiliario we offer a wide catalogue of luxury villas for sale in Jalón, and other towns on the Costa Blanca. Enjoy the main benefits we offer and get your ideal home at a really competitive price.



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