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Els Poblets is a town (formed by the union of the villages Miraflor, Setla and Mirarrosa) located in the Marina Alta.

It is only 6 km from the hospital, 10 km from the Sella Golf Resort & Spa and 1 km from the beach.

Due to its proximity to the coast its population has grown and lots of apartments have been built.

Els Poblets has 3400 inhabitants and offers the following services: town hall, culture centre, tourism office, medical centre, bars, restaurants, bakery, pharmacy, sports centre, municipal pool and local police.

Its economy is based on the tourism and the agriculture.

Places of interest:

To know Els Poblets better it is necessary to visit the buildings and places listed below:

Mirarrosa Tower: it was built in the 15th century; it has 3 floors and has a height of 11 cm.

The Salvador Church: it is the church of the town.

San Jose’s Church: of tourist interest, although it is smaller than the other.