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Peretó is a Real Estate Group that has extensive experience in this sector. We started our activity in 1994 with the aim of offering the best advice and solutions to customer needs. The constancy and care of this point has made us recognized for our quality of management and services offered.

Our staff of professionals is in charge of finding and offering you your property or building the house of your dreams, an activity that we develop in the Costa Blanca area, characterized by its enviable Mediterranean climate.

Our more than 20 years of experience have led us to offer exclusive and continuous advice, present at all points of sale or purchase of the property. In addition, the Costa Blanca area is in high demand from international clients.

This has generated that the professionals who make up Peretó, master several languages ​​in order to generate a climate of understanding and comfort with each of our clients.

The work philosophy of Grupo Inmobiliario Peretó is governed by two important factors: transparency and personalized attention. We are aware of the illusion generated by embarking on this new project, which generates a feeling of concern because you want to feel identified with the house, which you may want to become your home.

For this, we have a group of expert professionals in the real estate sector who offer you personalized and close advice. We do not believe in intermediaries, at Grupo Peretó we work with a direct proximity because we want to know what your concerns and illusions are in order to be able to offer you your ideal home in Ondara.

In addition, if you wish, we also make our construction department available, which will be in charge of building the house that you have wanted so much. We take care of designing a house tailored to your expectations and we manage budgets. From the first moment you will know the real price of your property, we do not work with surprises.

Peretó, Grupo Inmobiliario makes the house of your dreams come true in Ondara.

Some of the attractive areas that we offer to our clients are the houses located in Ondara, an environment surrounded by nature and of great cultural and gastronomic wealth.

This town is located in the province of Alicante, specifically in the area of ​​the Marina Alta. This town hides great historical secrets in the different monuments that are present.

Peretó has a wide range of houses in Ondara, with truly competitive prices subject to the quality that your home should have. We know that it is difficult to find the correct choice for your home, for this reason we like to meet our clients and be able to start the search based on their expectations and illusions.

A house that forges a bond with your personality, that is the main mission of Grupo Peretó.

Why buy your house in Ondara?

Ondara is a town in the province of Alicante located in the Marina Alta region. This town is very attractive for those who want to live in the interior of the Costa Blanca accompanied by tranquility.

Placing your house in Ondara is ideal since you will live surrounded by historical landmarks. This town has been a strategic point on numerous occasions throughout its history. One of the most outstanding facts is the fabulous Roman necropolis that is present in the area of ​​the vineyards of the town.

The heart of Ondara’s history is found in its old town, which continues to preserve the influences of the cultures that have left their historical mark on its narrow, cozy streets and with squares that keep the great secrets of the Arab civilization.

We cannot forget its gastronomic culture, it has a great traditional cuisine, standing out for its flavor l’Arrós amb Fesols, Naps i Penques or l’Arrós al forn.

Therefore, if we talk about Ondara, we refer to the union of history, cultural events, gastronomy and commerce, whose fusion makes this town a great attraction to build your home.

If you want to buy, sell or even build your house in Ondara, do not hesitate to contact Grupo Inmobiliario Peretó. We will offer you the best personalized advice and management tailored to your needs and under the premise of the best value for money.