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At Peretó Grupo Inmobiliario we put all our experience and professionalism at the service of our clients. We are a family business with 40 years of history, with a single reality: finding for its clients the home they want and deserve. We can say that this dream has come true, as we currently have four offices distributed throughout the province of Alicante and more than 20 real estate agents to ensure that the treatment of each of our clients is individual and personalized.

We are specialists in real estate sales and home construction, as well as investment advice and management. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive service that meets all the needs of the user who comes to us. Our work philosophy is based on seeking excellence every day and for this we work constantly, always seeking the highest quality in both our services and our products, always betting on competitive prices within the sector.

One of the Alicante towns where we are gaining more relevance is Pego. Buying apartments in Pego is undoubtedly a profitable business, since it is a municipality with enormous importance in the province, of which there are records of settlements in the place since Roman times. Beyond the tourist interest that this beautiful town has, its economy focuses on irrigation. It currently has just over 10,000 inhabitants, which increase significantly during the summer season. This is due to its good geographical location, close to the coast and towns such as Orba, Denia or Oliva. In Pego we can enjoy a beautiful old town, the unique Ambra Castle, of Islamic origin or the various archaeological sites. Thanks to our deep knowledge of the city we can find the best possible area, with an optimal budget closely linked to the quality of the place.

These and many other reasons are what led us to think that buying apartments in Pego could be a more than interesting investment in the medium and long term. We offer quality homes for demanding clients, with different sizes and prices, but always ensuring a quality in line with what we expect from our company. You can find various structures such as apartments, bungalows, farms, flats, etc. In addition, we have new construction homes so you can be the first to enjoy your new home. Just by giving us a brief summary of certain tastes and opinions of yours, our experts will be able to find the address that best suits your needs.

All of this is possible thanks to the experience we have acquired over the years. We have managed to find our weaknesses and find the formula to overcome them, turning them into strengths. All this, within a complex sector such as construction and real estate. We have known how to adapt to modern times, constantly updating the materials and methodologies that have emerged in the market, which allows us to constantly update.

In addition, we always look for ways to influence the environment as little as possible when building, as we want to transmit at the same time our spirit of awareness and respect for the environment, carefully analyzing each of our new projects and ensuring the way to carry it out by altering the environment as little as possible. We are in love with the Costa Blanca and what we want precisely is that when you go to buy your apartment in Pego you feel that same essence that we wanted to convey.

Another particularity that characterizes us is the unit of Planning and Construction of housing that we have at Peretó Grupo Inmobiliario. This is due to the fact that sometimes we meet clients who have in mind an approximate idea of ​​what they want and none of the homes that we have supply their needs. If you are one of them, do not worry, because our team will create the home of your dreams from the beginning, with the preparation of plans, budgets and constant supervision of the project until the moment of handing over the keys. Therefore, if you are going to buy your apartment in Pego and none of them convinces you, don’t worry, we will build it for you.

You should know that our work as a real estate agency does not end with the aforementioned handover of keys when buying an apartment in Pego. You will have us at your disposal at all times, as we want to make the purchase of your home an authentic experience, offering a 360º service. We ensure the maintenance of our clients’ homes, since the commitment we acquire with them is long-term. Do not hesitate and contact us to buy your apartment in Pego at the best possible price.

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