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Finding a new place to live is always complicated, especially when we move to a new city. Following this we try to seek opinions and testimonials from others who have already been in the places we have in mind. To help those who seek to live in Denia, we have brought this little article.

What is it like to live in Denia?

Denia is a port city of the Valencian Community in the province of Alicante. This little information about its location can help us get an idea of ​​what the city is basically like, with a large beach area, a warm climate and a strong tourist attraction. However, we can elaborate this idea a bit more from the descriptions that are usually given of all aspects of the city.

The weather

To begin, we must talk about one of the most attractive points of Denia, its weather.

Thanks to its location on the Mediterranean Sea, this city has a very pleasant climate with an annual average of around 20 ºC; the biggest variations are seen in the month of August and, as expected, in winter, but temperatures do not rise more than 30 ºC and rarely drop below 12 ºC, which is a fairly comfortable range.

The gastronomy

The next point is the gastronomy of the city, which is considered one of the best in the whole Mediterranean, the dishes mainly include rice, fish and seafood.

In fact, in 2015, Denia was named by UNESCO as the Creative City of Gastronomy.

The population of Denia

One of the points that tend to like a lot of all those who visit Denia is its quiet and close population.

However, something you should keep in mind if you plan to live in Denia, is that although its population is just over 42,000 people, in the peak season of tourism it can rise to 200,000.

Denia from the eyes of the inhabitants

Since we have talked a bit about the image we have of what it is like to live in Denia, we need to investigate a little more about the perceptions of the people who actually live in the city, both those who only go in season, and those who they reside in it permanently.

Denia from the eyes of tourists

As already mentioned, and is also well known, Denia is a very popular tourist destination being the small municipality of Spain that more vacationers receive in relation to its population.

Of course, this is because people love to spend their summer vacations in this city. Whether for its love of the 20 kilometers of coastline with beaches and beautiful coves, its rich and diverse cuisine, the many sources of entertainment it offers or its relative tranquility even when there is an increase in population.

Denia from the eyes of the residents

To begin with, it is worth mentioning that the appreciation for the pleasant climate and the excellent food is still present. It is also worth noting that they usually talk about the excellent quality of education and the medical services available to all inhabitants.

In addition to the excellent cuisine, the pleasant climate throughout the year and the beautiful landscapes both beach and mountain, in Denia we can find a great quality of life thanks to its educational system, its excellent medical service and a very quiet environment that makes the day to day very relaxing.

Guiding us from the opinions of all those who have come to spend time in Denia, we can see that it is an excellent place to live, with great natural and cultural riches that will make us adapt very quickly to the city.