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Sagra is a village located in the Marina Alta, more precisely in the Rectoria, close to the Cabal and Resingles mountains. It is only 15 minutes (by car) from the coast, the hospital and the Sella Golf Resort & Spa.


This town has 400 inhabitants and offers the following services: town hall, library, municipal pool, medical centre, pharmacy, post office, butcher’s shop, greengrocers, bakery, bars, restaurants, hairdressers and state school (junior).

As well as the majority of the other towns in the area the agriculture is its main source of income, although tourism has increased quite a lot in the last few years.

Places of interest:

To know Sagra better it is necessary to visit the buildings and places listed below:

Parrochial Church of San Sebastián Mártir: it was built in the 16th century, subsequently it was reformed. The church is in front of the town hall.

Mortit fountain: it is situated in the “Mortit” Mountain. This area is situated 1,5 km away from Sagra and there are barbecues and tables, therefore you can enjoy eating outdoors.

The Fountain Square: it is where the “Cuatro Chorros” Fountain and the washing place are situated. 25 years ago this square was restored.