March 8, 2019

First line of beach in Denia

To say that Denia is a place that has everything, goes far beyond a simple cliché or a corporate ambition to present it as the ideal city. It is simply to recognize that beyond the spectacular apartments on the beachfront, there is a city full of joy and Mediterranean heat where the Spanish culture is reflected in its streets and inhabitants. The magnetism of Denia. Numerous have been visitors who have known as they have known how it was possible not to know about it before. In fact, the INE (National Institute of Statistics) in its most recent census, published […]
July 6, 2016


The Costa Blanca is a privileged area in the Mediterranean with many and varied beaches well known throughout Europe for its spectacular beauty and water quality. Characteristics: These characteristics, together with the warm climate and a wide range of services make them an unique place to enjoy the sea and nature. In the Costa Blanca you can find wonderful beaches, from wide sandy ones to hidden ones, through to a variety of fully accessible where there is no lack of services. Crystal clear waters and fine sand make a simple bath into enjoy sensations.  To this is added an extensive network […]